Bronze Khmer Lime Pot 15th-17thC EUO86


This antique bronze Khmer lime pot is somewhat distinct in shape from other lime pots that we have seen in various collections. The simple decoration found at the base also sets it apart from other Khmer lime pots. It has seen a great deal of use over the centuries evidenced by the oxidized patina with a slightly peppered surface.

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This bronze vessel was used to hold slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) powder, an essential ingredient used in the ritual chewing of betel, and cast in two parts. A residue of slaked lime remains inside the container. Chewing betel nut has remained a popular habit throughout much of SE Asia for centuries.

Height: 12cm, 4.7 in
Weight: 141 grams / 5 oz.
Material: bronze
Provenance: Prey Veng Province
Period: Post Angkor, mostly likely 15th-17thC

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