Ancient Khmer Bronze Owl Vessel EUO96


This wonderful Bayon Period bronze artifact is in the shape of an owl, also common to ancient Khmer ceramic pieces. It was most likely used for placing rings and other precious materials. The patina is heavily oxidized, and on the right side the bronze has worn through leaving a small opening. Otherwise, the piece is in good condition with the face and tail intact.

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Bronze artifacts from the Bayon period rarely become available today, though we have noticed the emergence of reproductions on eBay with forced aged patinas achieved by exposing the objects to chemicals. They are quite crude in form compared to authentic antique pieces.

Height: 6cm, 2.4 in
Length: 9cm, 3.5 in
Material: Bronze
Provenance: Antique Dealer, Siem Reap
Period: Bayon Period, 12th-13th Century

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