Akha Hill Tribe Seed Dispenser EUO120

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From the Akha hill tribe ethnic minority of Northern Thailand, this vessel is made from dragon bamboo, a particularly large variety found in Southeast Asia. It has a detailed pattern carved into a large section and is bound by traditional Ahka beads. In the past, this vessel was tied around the waist of the Akha farmer and used to dispense the seeds it held. While the vessel itself is several decades old, the woolen threads appear to be fairly recent replacements.

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The Akha are an ethnic group who live in small villages in the mountains of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Yunnan Province in China. They migrated from southern China into Southeast Asia during at the beginning of the 20th century.

Height: 18.5cm, 7.3 in
Diameter: 11cm, 4.5 in
Material: bamboo, beads, woolen threads
Provenance: Akha village, Chiang Rai Mountains
Period: Early 20th century

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