Antique Bronze Pastoral Bell Yunnan EBB95


From Yunnan, Southern China, this spherical antique pastoral bell is a rare find, much coveted by collectors. This well worn bell would have hung from the neck of a young farm animal and bears the face of a protective spirit thought to ward off misfortune, such as predators. The bronze has a beautifully worn, smooth patina with the presence of green of oxidization. The loop to which the rope was attached is exceptionally worn. A metal ball rolls around inside the bell and sounds against the bell wall with pleasant gentle notes. The bell is hung from a custom built stand.

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A bell of this diminutive scale would have most likely been worn by young domestic farm animals.

Height: 5.5cm, 2.2 in
Diameter: 4.5cm, 1.8 in
Weight: 67g (without stand)
Height of stand: 23m, 9 in
Material: bronze
Period: Late 18th century (1700s)

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