Antique Hmong Opium Pipe Laos EAP33

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From Phongsali, Laos, this uniquely styled antique opium pipe comprises a bamboo shaft, ceramic smoking bowl, black onyx stone set in a copper mount, silver alloy binding, and what appears to be an oval malachite stone. The pig’s head fashioned from the cut stem is a common feature on Chinese opium pipes and was adopted by the Hmong. The mouthpiece is made from orange quartz.

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The opium pipe is from the mid 20th century and is in good condition. The pipe has been cleaned and a lacquer applied to the top of the smoking bowl. It has been mounted on a stand for display.

The Hmong are a fiercely independent and resourceful minority hill tribe people renowned for their skills in cultivating opium poppies throughout SE Asia.

Length: 32cm, 12.5 in
Height on stand: 11.8cm, 4.6in
Materials: bamboo, black onyx, copper, silver, malachite, quartz
Period: Mid 20th century

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