Rare Phitsanulok Bronze Buddha Statue Thailand ABA69

This beautiful early 20th century Buddha statue is in a style beloved among the people of Thailand. The original 14th century Buddha statue on which it is based is referred to as Phra Buddha Chinnarat and is housed in Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat in Phitsanulok, colloquially referred to as Wat Phra Si or Wat Yai. The Buddha statue offered here is one of the finest we have seen with well-proportioned, sensitively formed features and a wonderfully rich patina. Remnants of gold leaf are evident on the face of the Buddha image. The substantial pedestal and flaming arch help to convey the auspiciousness of the Buddha’s awakening.

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The Buddha sits in the Bhumisparsha mudra, also known as the ‘earth witnessing posture’ and refers to the moment that the Buddha became enlightened and called upon Mother Earth to witness the event. The flame aureole or flaming arch represents the halo of light that radiated from the Buddha and is unique to this style of Buddha image. Temple guardians or yakshas flank the Buddha. The arch is detachable as shown in the photos provided and will be removed and packed separately for shipping.

Height with Arch: 51cm / 20 in
Height without arch: 44cm / 17 in
Width at base: 35cm / 13.5 in
Weight: 12 KG / 36 pounds
Provenance: Antique dealer, Chiang Mai
Period: Early 20th century

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