Antique Hill Tribe Silver Bracelet ETJ155


Hollow antique silver bracelets such as this were made in a wide variety of designs by the Shan as well as by the Hmong and Mien hill tribe peoples of Laos. It is beautifully decorated throughout the band with a motif consisting of oval and circular depressions. Hollow silver bracelets like this were worn and treasured by the Lahu, Lisu and Akha minority hill tribe groups of Southeast Asia.

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The bracelet is made from high grade silver, obtained at one time by melting down French silver coins. It was acquired on a recent trip to Laos where authentic antique hill tribe silver jewellery has become very scarce.

Diameter (inside): 8cm, 3 in
Width of band: 1.5cm, .6 in
Opening: 3.8cm, 1.5 in
Weight: 36 grams / 1.3 oz.
Period: Early 20thC

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