Vintage Tai-Dum Tribal Textile TTL29

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About 60 years old, this rare heirloom silk and cotton textile is a blanket or pha-hom. It is from Xam Neua, a seldom visited city in the north east of Laos and was woven by the Tai-Dum, the predominant tribe of the Lao-Thai group. It consists of two panels, each with a skillfully woven traditional geometric pattern in indigo bordered with hand stitched hemp.

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This vintage blanket is backed and quite heavy. The weave is not as tight as it once would have been and is very soft from use. These blankets are woven by mothers for their daughters and handed down from one generation to the next. Today, these rare antique textiles are much sought after by collectors. The overall condition is very good with no tears, major stains or holes. The hemp border is slightly discolored in places. The textile had been dry-cleaned.

Length: 161cm, 63 in
Width: 84cm, 33 in
Period: Early-Mid 20th century
Provenance: Textile Gallery, Vientiane

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