Vintage Yao Embroidered Child’s Hat EUO130


From the town of Lao Cai in northwest Vietnam, this adorable child’s hat was handmade by the Yao ethnic minority.  Mothers devote their free time to making sets of clothes in preparation for the birth of a child and as demonstrated are both creative and highly skilled in their needlework. The swastika motif is an ancient symbol of spirituality and divinity in India and throughout Asia. The Yao are Taoist and also adopted the symbol. On this hat, the old red woolen tassels have been replaced with new. Otherwise, the hat is original and in excellent condition.

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The Yao refers to various minorities in China and Vietnam. They are one of the 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities in China and live in the mountains of the southwest and south. They also form one of the 54 ethnic groups officially recognized by Vietnam. In the last census in 2000, they numbered 2,637,421 in China and roughly 470,000 in Vietnam

Diameter: 15cm, 6 inches
Height: 6.5cm, 2.6 inches
Period: 20thC

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