Sawankhalok Ceramic Celadon Plate 15th-16thC EUO34

From the famed kilns of Sisatchanalai of the Sukhothai Kingdom or Sangkhalok (as named by the Chinese), this antique ceramic celadon plate is from the original kilns situated outside the wall of the ancient city.

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The production of ceramics in Sukhothai began in the 13th century AD, possibly with the decline of Khmer ceramics. During the 15th century China was faced with an important crisis, opening the opportunity for Sukhothai ceramics to conquer export markets. Sukhothai wares have been found in Indonesia, the Philippines and China among other countries and were a very important article of trade. In the middle of the 16th century, production at Sukhothai was discontinued, possibly related to the wars between the kingdom of Ayutthaya and the Burmese, and the resurgence of Chinese ceramics.

This is an impressive example of early Sukhothai ceramics. It is in excellent condition with no damage or repairs.

Height: 6.5cm, 2.6in
Diameter: 25cm, 9.8 in
Period: 15th-16th century
Provenance: Chiang Mai, antique dealer

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