19thC Tibetan Singing Bowl EUO118


This 19th century Tibetan singing bowl was skillfully hand forged using what is commonly referred to as bell metal bronze. According to Tibetan oral tradition, the use of singing bowls dates back to the time of the Buddha. In Buddhist monasteries, singing bowls are used to mark the beginning and end of meditation periods as well as rung during chanting.

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This 19th century singing bowl has a pleasant tone when struck with the stick included. The stick is recently made from teak with leather covering. Running the wooden surface around the rim produces a subtle hypnotic harmonic note in the key of E with impressive sustain.

The singing bowl was acquired from an antique dealer in Chennai. Since China invaded Tibet in 1959, well over 100,000 Tibetans fled to India, many to South India, taking just a few cherished possessions with them such as this bowl.

Oxidization is present on the bowl’s surface along with minor wear as expected.

Height: 5.5cm, 2.2 in
Diameter: 9.8cm, 4 in
Period: 19th Century
Provenance: Antique dealer, Chennai, India

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