Antique Shan Silver Bracelet ETJ42


This style of this antique tribal bracelet was most likely made by a Shan silversmith and could have been worn by the Lahu, Akha and Lisu of Southeast Asia’s hill tribe peoples. It is made from solid high grade silver and bears an attractive incised decoration. The band is unusually thick and it is the only one of its kind we have seen to date.

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This hill tribe silver bracelet was acquired in Northern Laos where authentic antique tribal silver jewelry is now in short supply.

Reference: Paul & Elaine Lewis, Peoples of the Golden Triangle p.38

Diameter: 6.7cm, 2.6 in
Width of band: 2cm, .8 in
Weight: 88 grams /3.1 oz
Period: Late 19th century
Ethnic Group: Shan
Provenance: Northern Laos


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