19thC Chin Bronze Bangle ETJ36


From the Konbaung Period (1752-1885), the style of this antique tribal bronze bangle is distinctly Chin with angled spiked surfaces and an H shape on the band. The sharp tips of the spikes have been worn flat through use.

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The antique bronze Chin bangle has been mounted on a custom built stand for display. The Chin are a Sino-Tibetan race, thought to have descended from central China. Within Burma, they predominantly inhabit Chin State, which is located in the mountainous north-west of the country, bordering Bangladesh to the west and India to the north.


Diameter: 5.5cm, 2.2 in (inside measurement)
Width of band: 1.7cm, .67 in
Weight: 115 grams /4 oz.
Ethnic Group: Chin
Period: Konbaung Period (1752-1885)
Provenance: Chin State, Burma

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