Chiang Saen Style Bronze Buddha Statue Thailand ABA40

Seated in the bhumisparsa mudra, or ‘earth witnessing posture’ this bronze Buddha statue is in the Chiang Saen style that developed between the 11th -18th centuries. The style is characterized by large whorls of hair upon which sits a halo in the form of a lotus bud or orb, an oval face, prominent chest, narrow waist and the end of the robe or sash falling over the left shoulder.

This image of the Buddha is notable for the rich patina of the bronze and the beautiful articulation of the hands. The base which is separate from the main image is also unusual and depicts a series of celestial beings with their hands in the wai position; a gesture of respect. The statue is in excellent condition with some oxidization present which is normal for a bronze image of this age.

Height: 48cm, 15.5 in
Width: 32cm, 12 in
Weight: 14kg
Material: bronze

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