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by Vorakorn Metmanorom


Thai artist, Vorakorn Metmanorom, was born in 1968 and graduated from the College of Fine Art in 1988 and the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art, Silpakorn University, Bangkok in 1994. He now works from his studio in Chiang Mai and has exhibited his work in Thailand, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, U.S.A, The Netherlands, Poland, and Germany. His work is influenced by Buddhist teachings, nature, and his Chinese ancestry.

Framed Original Etching by Thai Artist
Framed Original Etching by Thai Artist
Framed original etching by Thai artist

Vorakorn has been the recipient of the following awards:
1993 – Collection Art Supporting Award, 10th Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists, Bangkok, Thailand
1994 – Honorary Distinction International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland
1995 – 1st Prize Gold Medal Graphic Arts 41st Nation Exhibition of Art, Bangkok, Thailand
1996 – Award Winner of the Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand
-2nd Prize, Silver Medal Graphic Arts 42nd Nation Exhibition of Art, Bangkok, Thailand
-3rd Prize Bronze Medal, 20th Bualuang Exhibition of Painting, Bangkok, Thailand
– Grand Prize Award Winner (Painting), Phillip Morris Group, Bangkok, Thailand
– 2nd Prize, Phillip Morris Group, ASEAN AWARDS (Painting)
1997 – The Triennials Prize & Egyptian Gold Medal, Egypt

Etching by Vorakorn
Etching by Vorakorn
Etching by Vorakorn

Our Collection

We offer both framed and unframed etchings by Vorakorn Metmanorom. If you are interested in seeing further examples of his etchings, please let us know and we will provide images of his latest work for you to browse through. View Etchings Collection.

Etchings by Vorakorn Metmanorom

The work of Vorakorn has a minimalist style that lends a calming influence to home decor.

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