Naga Shawl | Warrior Blanket | Tribal Textile TTL46


This textile is from the Ao tribe of the Naga in north-west Burma and was worn as an indication of tribal belonging and status. It has been decorated with ancient embroidered tribal motifs. The textile ends in knotted tassels and could be used as a sofa or bed throw as well as a wall hanging. It is a particularly large example of its kind.

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The Naga are an ancient tribal people found in the hills of Northeast India and Northwest Burma. They have a rich tradition of textile weaving and are renowned for their flamboyant adornments for the body. Textile weaving is the preserve of women. They employ the back-strap loom tension method (sometimes called Indonesian) using handspun cotton and sometimes hemp. After the cloth has been woven, small patches of embroidery are often added using a porcupine needle.

Length: 184cm, 72 in
Width: 106cm, 42 in
Tribal Group: Ao
Provenance: Nagaland, NW Burma

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