Antique Silk Textile Tin Sin Laos STL24


From Laos, this vintage silk textile, or tin sin, once adorned the bottom of a traditional tube skirt worn by the women of Laos. It was woven by the Tai-Dam hill tribe people of north-eastern Laos using hand spun cotton and embroidered with an intricate silk motif. The silk textile is between 50-70 years old and is in excellent condition, apart from minor loosening of some threads and stretching, consistent with age. The once bright colors are now pleasantly mellowed. It would make a charming runner or wall decoration.

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The tradition of silk weaving in Laos is centuries old and represents an important part of the Laotian cultural identity. Still today, women in Laos wear beautiful silk skirts and shawls adorned with ancient motifs that hold deep meaning for the people.

Length: 105cm, 41 in
Width: 36cm, 14 in

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