Beast Opium Weight Laos EOW157


This weight from Laos is an anomaly in that it is not from the Chinese zodiac and closely resembles a 5 tical beast from Burma with the exception of the pronounced horns and style of base.

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We used to see this form of weight from time to time in Vientiane and Phongsali and assumed it to be a rare form of Burmese beast that had migrated to Laos. However, we have never seen this form of beast with such long horns while on our many trips to Burma. After speaking to an avid collector in Laos I feel confident that it is indeed a Lao weight based on the Burmese beast form. The quality of bronze, the patina, and natural wear rule out the possibility of the weight being made recently as a copy.

Height: 4.5cm, 1.8 in
Base: 2.5cm, 1 in
Weight: 72grams
Period: 19thC
Form: Lao beast

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