Rare15th-16thC Opium Weight 5 Tical Lion EOW193


A rare weight from the earliest years of casting in Burma – Group 5, Period M, certainly pre-1600s, possibly 1385-1460.

The weight has some interesting characteristics with a trefoil mouth appendage, distinct chest decoration, and evidence of mostly eroded longitudinal striations on the base. The patina of the weight is consistent with its age showing the complexities unique to centuries old bronze, including erosion (and subsequent mass loss), and oxidization. The kyat mass for this weight was possibly 10.2 grams (Gear p.213), having a current mass (with mass loss over the centuries) of 48 grams.


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Weights of this diminutive size were easily lost, and from this period, very rarely seen. In fact, in more than 20 years of collecting weights, it is the first of its kind we have seen. It would make a fine addition to any serious opium weight collection.

Height: 3.3cm, 1.3 in
Base: 2.3cm, 0.9 in
Weight: 47 grams (10.2 grams kyat mass for period)
Base plan: oval
Base lines: short verticals (faint)
Period:  15th – 16th Century
Form: lion-king / beast

* Ref. Earth to Heaven: The Royal Animal-Shaped Weights of the Burmese Empire Paperback , 2002 by Joan & Donald Gear

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