Burmese Nat Spirit Wood Carving Min Gyi EUO102


From Mandalay, Burma, this Nat spirit teakwood carving is known as Min Gyi, eldest son of the Popa family. He carries a bag over his right shoulder and holds a wicker container hangs from his belt. His sun hat rests on his back, while his hair is in a knot atop his head with a head scarf tied around his forehead. The image is carved of teakwood and painted as well as gilded with gold leaf.

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He is also known by the names, Shwe Hpyin Naunhdaw and Shwe Hpyin Gyi. His father was Byatta, the royal messenger and his mother was Me Wunna, the flower eater of Mount Popa. Min Gyi and his younger brother Min Lay were killed on the orders of King Anawrahta for leaving gaps between the bricks in the construction of the Taungbyone pagoda.

There are altogether 37 different Nat spirits that can be identified in Burmese folklore. In lively celebrations referred to as Nat Pwe, the Nat spirit’s lives are celebrated with food, music and drinks.

It is very difficult to find antique Nat wood carvings undamaged and without repairs as is the case here. This charming Nat is in excellent condition with only superficial wear expected with an artifact nearly a century old. Antique Nat spirit wood carvings very rarely become available nowadays.

In Burma, the popularity of spirit guardians called Nat date back to pre-Buddhist animist beliefs. Wood carvings of Nat are found in homes and on the platforms of Buddhist shrines.

Height: 47cm, 18.5 in
Width: 12cm, 4.7 in
Depth: 16cm, 6.3 in
Period: Early 20th Century
Provenance: Mandalay, Burma

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