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Burmese Antique Buddhist Temple Wood Carving Panel EUO136


From the early 1900s, this rare antique Buddhist temple panel was sculpted from teak wood, and decorated with stained glass ‘jewels’. The panel was once part of a much lager architectural feature located inside the bot (most sacred part of the wat or temple). Over the course of time, several of the stained glass inlays have been lost.

The panel has been mounted on a stand for display.

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Genuine Burmese antiques of this nature are very difficult to find nowadays.


Height: 35cm, 13.8 in (panel only)
Height with stand: 42cm, 16.5 in
Width: 11cm, 4.3 in
Depth: 1.5cm, .6 inch
Materials: teak wood, stained glass
Provenance: Burmese art dealer
Period: Early 20th Century

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