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Antique Gilded Buddhist Temple Wood Carving Panel EUO139


This antique Buddhist temple wood carving is over a century old, and was sculpted from teak wood and gilded in genuine 24K gold leaf. It was part of a larger structure that most likely once adorned the side of an abbot’s chair located inside the bot  (most sacred part of the wat or temple) with a mirror image on the other side, or alternatively, was part of the altar rail inside the temple.

The sculpture is structurally intact and without repairs. It has been mounted on a stand for display.

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Genuine antique Burmese Buddhist wood carvings of this nature are very rare, especially in such good condition. A certificate of authenticity will be provided.


Height: 34cm, 13.4 in (panel only)
Height with stand: 42cm, 16.5 in
Width: 17cm, 6.7 in
Depth: 2.5cm, 1 inch
Materials: teak wood, 24 carat gold leaf
Provenance: Burmese art dealer
Period: Early 19th Century

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