Decorated Antique Burmese Bronze Pulley EUO06


From Mandalay, Burma, this 19th century pulley is fashioned from bronze and decorated with a scrolling design on the external surfaces. Metal ball bearings within the pulley create a tinkling sound when the pulley is in motion. The bronze has an attractive patina and the surfaces of the decoration are worn from use.

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The antique pulley is a little misshapen from heavy use over a long period but is structurally intact. It has been mounted on a stand for display.

Height on Stand: 13cm, 5 in
Width: 5cm, 2 in
Diameter: 4.5cm, 1.8
Stand base: 9cm, 3.5 in x 5.5cm, 2.2 in x 1.5cm, .6 in
Material: bronze
Provenance: Mandalay antique dealer
Period: Early 19th century

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