Antique Shan Tobacco Pipe Burma EAP18

This charming antique tobacco pipe would not be out of place on the set of Lord of the Rings. It is the only one of its kind we have ever seen, with its curved, decorated bamboo stem, mid section bound with copper and silver filigree, curved pure silver extension leading to a decorated bronze and silver smoking bowl. The corrosion on the inside of the bowl and the natural wear on the stem where the pipe was held, are testament to its age.

This is a wonderful relic from one of Southeast Asia’s most skilled minority peoples; one whose historical reputation for crafting objects of beauty is highly admired in the region. The pipe has been mounted on a custom made stand for display.

Length: 22cm, 8.7 in
Weight: 161 grams
Height on stand: 11cm, 4.3 in
Materials: silver, bronze, copper, bamboo
Period: Late 19th century

Antique Asian Home Decor

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