Antique Chinese Opium Pipe EAP40


From Burma, this distinctive antique opium pipe from the early 1900s comprises a 4 section shaft in polished bone, and two beautiful earthenware smoking bowls with Chinese calligraphy. Although Chinese in origin, the provenance of this pipe is Yangon, Burma, the two countries being strong trading partners for centuries. Immigration from China to Burma increased after the country was colonized by the British empire.

The pipe has been used and remains in excellent condition – without repairs. Included are the two ceramic smoking bowls and stand. Genuine antique opium pipes such as this are exceptionally hard to come by nowadays, and there is a high demand for those that become available for purchase.

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This pipe has a good feel in the hands with a surprising weight to it. The smoking bowls fit snugly into the receptacle.


Length: 33cm, 13 in
Diameter of smoking bowls: 5cm (2 inches) & 4.5cm (1.8 inches)
Materials: Bone, earthenware
Period: early 20th century
Provenance: Yangon, Burma

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