Antique Chinese Ceramic Opium Pipe EAP06


From Yunnan, Southern China, this ceramic opium pipe is decorated with a curious hand painted design that encircles the entire piece. The pipe is from the late 19th century and it appears that the metal fixtures may have been replaced at some time.

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The patina of the ceramic chamber is now matt, with obvious wear from use. At the top of the pipe is a centre cone where the opium would be placed and a smaller adjacent hole where a thin metal stem is inserted for inhaling the burning opium. The chamber would have been partially filled with water to cool the smoke before it was inhaled. This is a very original opium pipe, in fact the only one of its kind we have seen to date.

Height: 11cm, 4.3 in
Circumference: 33cm, 13 in
Materials: ceramic, copper
Period: 19th century

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