Kinh Antique Wood-Block Print SWB01


This recently made print using an antique woodblock is of a traditional Kinh husband and wife. It is one of a variety of styles of woodblock prints on rice paper burned as an offering and is a tradition that lives on today as we recently witnessed in Hanoi. It is offered during the ceremony to ancestors and guardian spirits who preside over a parallel world.

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The use of carved wood blocks to form prints on rice paper in Vietnam dates back over 1000 years. Almost none of the early prints have survived since they are burned as an offering by the shaman during ceremonial rites conducted for a variety of purposes. Commonly, the prints referred to as ‘ghost money’ are burned as an offering to the ancestors and deities. In Vietnam, a mixture of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism influences tradition.

This particular image is unique and is used by some women who believe that a past-life spouse is obstructing her in finding a husband. The ‘ghost money’ is offered to the past spouse to placate him and thereby set herself free from his unwanted influence. It is a tale of superstition but an interesting one and for the Kinh women who employ this tradition, the practice brings relief. The print has been professionally framed. When photographing the print some reflection off the glass was unavoidable. With this framed print you will receive detailed notes on the symbolic meaning of the print and the shamanistic traditions of the Kinh.

Frame: 40cm x 32cm, 16in x 12.5in
Image: 24cm x 16cm, 9in x 6.2in

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