The Tradition of Silk Weaving in Laos

April 2nd, 2009

Several years ago on a brutally hot afternoon in the capital of Laos I watched, spellbound, as a master weaver magically worked the loom, bringing to life an intricate Naga motif on a Lao silk textile. It was at Khun Viengkham’s family run studio in Vientiane. The woman weaving was very experienced and despite the heat, she stayed cool and worked with meditative concentration. After travelling in Laos for several weeks I came to appreciate the remarkable tradition of silk weaving in Laos, its rich symbolism and the impressive talents of the weavers who create the silk textiles. Laos is an economically poor country with few exports and I would love to bring a little exposure to what is a beautiful and ancient tradition. View our collection of hand woven silk textiles from Laos.