Etchings by Thai Artist Vorakorn Metmanorom

April 27th, 2021

Today we are featuring the work of renowned Thai artist, Vorakorn Metmanorom. Vorakorn is a Chiang Mai local and most days can be found working meditatively in his large open air studio alongside his lovely wife, who works with exotic handmade textiles.

Vorakorn graduated from the College of Fine Art in 1988 and the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art, Silpakorn University, Bangkok in 1994. He has exhibited his work in Thailand, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, U.S.A, The Netherlands, Poland and Germany and has received numerous awards for his work locally and abroad. His etchings, which are influenced by Buddhism, Nature, and his Chinese ancestry, are especially popular in Japan.

Enlightenment | Vase | Double Fans
Chinese Costume | Sakura | Perfect 10
Framed Etchings by Vorakorn Metmanorom
 Thai artist, Vorakorn Metmanorom
Thai Artist Vorakorn Metmanorom