Asian Antiques from Vietnam

October 6th, 2019

We recently listed a collection of antiques and vintage textiles originating from various provinces throughout Vietnam. Most pieces belong to one of the 53 ethnic minorities living in the country, including the Hmong, Yao, Tai-Dum, and Katu peoples. A few pieces were created by Kinh majority people.

The richness of Vietnam’s various ethnic groups provides a diverse array of artifacts, each distinct in design, influenced by the spiritual belief system held by that culture, from Taoism to Animism.

Our small collection includes antique silver tribal jewellery and tribal textiles, as well as unique artifacts including a silver and bronze tobacco pipe, a 15th century shipwreck pot, a Taoist wood printing block, an ancient bronze spearhead, and an architectural element in the form of a dragon.

We hope that you find these pieces interesting. They represent both a fascinating part of the history of the region as well as wonderful expressions of the unique creativity of the peoples that produced them.

Antique Silver Tribal Jewellery
Antique Tribal Silver Hairpins – Tai_Dum Left & Hmong Right
Antique Tribal Hairpins
Antique Tribal Hairpins – Left Tai-Dum, Right Hmong
Antique Hill Tribe Silver Jewellery
Antique Tribal Earrings – Left Yao, Right Hmong
Antique Hmong Silver Jewellery
Antique Hmong Hill Tribe Silver Soul Lock Pendant & Earrings
Antiques from Vietnam
Antique Silver/Bronze Tobacco Pipe (Kinh) & Taoist Printing Woodblock (Yao)
Vietnamese Antique Dragon Wood Carving
Antique Architectural Element (Kinh)
Ancient Bronze Spearhead Vietnam
Ancient Bronze Spearhead 400BC – 100AD Mekong Delta
Vintage Hmong Baby Slippers
Vintage Embroidered Hmong Baby Slippers
Antique Hmong Textiles Baby Carriers
Vintage Hmong Baby Carriers